Tuck is a recurring character in Darbi and one of the Savages that dwell in All'Ar'Shit.


Tuck is a large adult Savage, with a mainly orange coloured body and large quiffy plumage, off-grey coloured legs and face and a pinkish underbelly. He has yellow eyes with black pupils.

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He is a very jovial and chilled Savage. Tuck has been shown to have a strong protective nature about him, willing to throw his life away to protect his loved ones, whether they're related to him or not (even if they are not the same kind as him). He is also fiercely loyal, protecting Nell's honour even long after she had died.


At some point in the past, Tuck was Kharma's beta and would always fight for her.[1] However, for some reason, Tuck abandoned her and instead helped Nell steal eggs from different Savages before fleeing.


Straight Outta Hellcreek

Tuck came to visit Nell at Muh'Tree after she was attacked by Trykes and casually flirted with her while commenting on lending a hand in raising the baby Savages. Nell was reluctant but Tuck pressed his case enough that she acceded; he then left.

The next day, Tuck helped Nell to combat the Trykes and Ballahs that came to attack them. With their inferior numbers working against them, the Savages' fortune changed when Dom arrived with his Longbacks to reveal the truth behind the killings. As a final fuck you to Myke and Phaylah, Tuck picked up Sheylynn in his jaws and slammed her down on Myke's spiked back, killing her instantly.

Powers & Abilities

Tuck is a relatively powerful Savage, able to hold his own in battle against opponents of all kinds. Goudry noted that he used to be better at the hunt before he fled with Nell.[1]

Tuck is shown to possess the same extrasensory sight abilities as Peet, but is implied to have a much better control and understanding over them.

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