Todd is an infamous Banger and the main antagonist of Season 1 of Darbi.


Todd is an adult Banger with a primarily red colouration with areas of dark grey, red plumage, steel grey feathering around his mouth with a sandpaper-coloured snout with feathering on the top of his mouth reminiscent of a moustache and feathering on his chin reminiscent of a goatee.

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Todd is a callous and cruel individual who's entire modus operandi is doing whatever he wants for his own satisfaction, as long as it is under his control. Todd has no qualms being underhanded and will commit needlessly violent acts to incite others; as noted by Mal, Todd kills only because he enjoys it.[1] He is noticeably cowardly when things are not under his control or in his plans.


Cretaceous Boogaloo

After Darbi and Peet are brought to the pit and the latter is thrown in, Todd is called when Darbi began freaking out. Viciously telling Darbi to stop crying and that he'd be getting in Da Drizz pit to die, he then observed as Darbi was kicked in too. However, after Darbi and Peet massacred Da Drizz, Todd was left utterly gobsmacked until Darbi and Peet's sisters arrived and slaughtered most of the Bangers present. With only Todd left, Darbi threatened him before the baby Savages chased him intently. Running towards two Longbacks making circles, they stop their session out of fear, causing the Bull to stagger backwards and splash his juices over Darbi. Laughing at the ordeal, Todd's tail is crushed underfoot on by the Bull, with him fleeing in pain afterwards.

The Consuming Light

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  • According to Rhyett, she is the one who taught Todd the term "Fuckass".[citation needed]


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