Smalltoe is a recurring character in Darbi. After the death of her father, she becomes the leader of her herd.


Smalltoe is an adolescent Longback with a primarily brown coloured body with sandy-brown coloured lips and yellow eyes with black pupils. After, and due to, the Chickie invasion, the left side of her face around her eye is scarred and her eye itself becomes orange-coloured with a black slit-like pupil.

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Smalltoe is a generally trusting and benevolent individual, cherishing the friendships she has gained. After the Chickie invasion, she matures and steels herself, becoming noticeably colder, snappier and deceptively more vicious.


Cretaceous Boogaloo

She encountered a baby Savage drinking at the waters and after he noticed her, she begged not to be killed in fright. The Savage told her he only killed when he was hungry and since he was thirsty, she would be fine; at that, he introduced himself as Darbi and Smalltoe introduced herself in return. As she went to take a drink, Peet came up behind her and frightened the shit out of her, causing her to leap into the waters in shock where she began flailing around desperately as she couldn't swim.

Some time later, Smalltoe regained consciousness, cursing the Savages for being assholes.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

After the Ballahs made an example out of Myrin for apparently killing a Longback, her mother told her to always keep her distance from Savages. Smalltoe complies but notes with some confusion that the Savage said he didn't kill the Bull.
While being walked home by some Ballahs with her mother, Smalltoe's notice was taken when she spotted something in the nearby trees. Curious, Smalltoe wandered into the forest and came across two Shibbs deliberately laying corpses in Savage territory. Shocked, she was then accosted by a Ballah who told Smalltoe her sacrifice would help heal the Lands before attempting to kill her. Evading the blow, Smalltoe screamed out for her mother while running away from the Ballah and the two Shibbs. Killing the two Shibbs and making it back, she saw the other Ballahs murder her mother right after her mother told her to flee.

Tired, terrified and delirious, Smalltoe ran into a confused Darbi before crying out not to be killed. Darbi merely gave her a calming embrace and, after she asked why he was being so nice, he told her that he'd been through what she was going through. Just then Peet and Dolla arrived and got ready to kill Smalltoe until Darbi warned them off, as there was a reason the Ballahs were after her. At that, a Ballah suddenly appeared and tried to kill them all, but the three baby Savages tore it a new one with a large volume of blood completely splashing Smalltoe in the process. With the problem dealt with, Darbi then walked Smalltoe back to her Longback herd where they were aggressively met by Dom and Cass.

The next day, Smalltoe came with the Longback Bulls when they came to stop the fighting between the Savages and the Trykes and Ballahs.

Powers & Abilities

Smalltoe is a deceptively destructive Longback, despite her age. She was able to go toe-to-toe with two Destroyers chasing her, managing to kill both of them, one by powerfully kicking it into a tree.

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