Sheylynn was Phaylah's sister and one of the Pomps in her herd.


Sheylynn was an adult Pomp with a mainly turquoise body, full pink lips, a typical head crest and bright cyan eyes with black pupils.

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She appeared to be a somewhat individual, especially in regards to the Savages. However, she was also had a manipulative streak about her.


Straight Outta Hellcreek

Sheylynn walked and listened to her sister talk about reclaiming their old home from the Savages (even while Phaylah was getting the work from a male Pomp). Sheylynn voiced her worries about the Savages slaughtering them if they intruded on "their land", but Phaylah assured her that she would make sure the Savages were "re-educated".

Sheylynn then visited Mother Dayzee to inform her of the apparent atrocities being committed by the baby Savages, most recently being the murder of a Jeet and her daughter as well as the theft of the Jeet's egg.

A couple days later, Sheylynn took Dayzee to the site of Smalltoe's mother's corpse and mentioned that they feared the baby Savages dragged off Smalltoe too. With Dayzee in slight disbelief at the situation, due to the understanding she had with Nell, Sheylynn slyly noted that sometimes trust was broken. As Dayzee told Rhed to gather the Bulls, Sheylynn smirked to herself.

On the morning of the attack, Sheylynn travelled with the Trykes to Muh'Tree ready to attack the Savages. However, with Nell and Tuck putting up a strong front, and the baby Savages joining them in battle, Sheylynn turned to her sister, telling her they needed to call for reinforcements. However, Phaylah angrily told her to move everyone forward and attack at the same time. Just then, the Longbacks suddenly arrived and revealed the true nature of the situation: the Trykes had been tricked into attacking for no reason. Seeing the futility of it, Sheylynn desperately told Phaylah they needed to abort since Myke's backup plan had backfired. However, before she could say anything else, Tuck picked her up with his jaws and violently slammed her down on top of Myke's spiked back, killing her instantly.



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