Shay is one of the main protagonists of Darbi and a part of Darbi's pack.


Shay is an adolescent Savage with a completely blue body with beige-colored markings lining her back and the backs of her arms, light blue lips and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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Shay is a particularly emotional individual and is noted to be the "crazy" one of the family, so much so, that when she has one of her crazy shit-storms, it's up to Dolla to deal with her since, in this state, Shay even visibly intimidates Darbi and Peet.[1] She hears voices in her head that tell her to do things and also drive her actions.


Cretaceous Boogaloo

Alongside her sisters Meeka and Meena, Shay joined the Bangers slaughter party upon Dolla's call. With the baby Savage pack all present, they proceeded to slaughter as many Bangers as they could until only Todd remained. With him fleeing for his life, they gave chase until they saw Darbi get drenched in Longback fuck juices. At that, they all burst out in laughter at his ordeal.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

On Darbi's call, the baby Savages tore down a path towards their target: some Shibbs attacking a Jeet Cow. While her siblings moved in to attack Shay, losing control of herself, barrelled head-first into the Jeet's body, fatally injuring it. Finding the dying Jeet's guts pleasant to be in, Shay proclaimed it would be her new nest, aggressively asserting it to Darbi and Peet (eliciting the need for Dolla to sort her out).
She then travelled back to Muh'Tree with the rest of the pack where they saw Packmother getting attacked by Trykes. She and her siblings then helped kill one of the Trykes.

When the Trykes and Ballahs came to attack the Savages the next day, Shay helped in the fight, eviscerating a Ballah upon Packmother telling her to "nest".

Powers & Abilities

Shay is a notably destructive Savage, despite her not yet being fully grown.

"Nest": Upon hearing the word "Nest", Shay enters a violent berserker-state in which her capacity for destruction increases immensely.[2] Notably, this ability failed to manifest when she was in the presence of her blood relative Kharma;[3] Shay had mentioned beforehand that the chirping in her head had gone quiet,[4] heavily inferring they are the triggers for this particular ability.

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