Phaylah is the leader of a herd of Pomps and one of the antagonists in Season 1 of Darbi.


Phaylah is an adult Pomp with a mainly teal body with a turquoise underside, full luscious lips (with her noticeably fuller upper lip a pink colour), an appealing head crest and bright cyan eyes with black pupils. Phaylah is commonly seen with her nails painted.

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Phaylah is a very self-entitled individual, with a notable cunning streak and seemingly no qualms for the lives of others as long as her plans bear fruition; she can be considered an "alpha female" of sorts. Much like the Ballah she schemed with, Phaylah has a bitter contempt towards Savages and would rather see them dead.


Straight Outta Hellcreek

She was introduced talking to her sister about reclaiming their old homelands from the Savages. During her conversation, she domineeringly told her male Pomp to go slow as her prepared to make circles with her. Continuing on, despite her sister's worries about the Savages slaughtering them if the intruded on "their land", Phaylah assured her that she would make sure the Savages were "re-educated".

Not long later, Phaylah was discussing business with Myke who told her it would be best to attack the Savages ASAP. Phaylah told him not to be impatient as they needed the Trykes on side. Myke commented that his kind were putting their lives on the line for someone who had no skin in the game, but Phaylah merely replied that she made the rules before casually calling for one of the Jeet males to come and service her.

While the Trykes and Ballahs were attacking the Savages, Phaylah overlooked the battle while happily staring at Muh'Tree. When Sheylynn frantically told her that they needed reinforcements, Phaylah frustratedly told her to tell them all to attack the Savages at the same time.
After Dom arrived with his Longbacks and revealed the truth to everyone present about the Ballahs tricking everyone, Sheylynn hurriedly told Phaylah that Myke's plan had backfired. As she was complaining, she was left utterly distraught when Tuck picked Sheylynn up and dropped her on Myke's spiked back, killing her; Myke gravely told her that she now had skin in the game.

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