Peet is one of the main protagonists of Darbi and part of Darbi's pack.


Peet is an adolescent T-rex with a mainly red-coloured plumage, tail feathers and chin tuft (resembling a goatee), burnt orange-coloured body feathers, dark snout and and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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Peet is jovial and carefree individual who tends not to take life too seriously and enjoys himself when he can. Peet is can always lighten the feel of a bad situation. He is the cool to Darbi's calm.


Everything Hates You

Peet was still awake when Darbi eventually arrived home late at night and laughed at his brother for getting lost in the Killing Fields again. At that, the two snuggled to sleep with their Packmother.

Cretaceous Boogaloo

Peet appeared after coming up behind a baby Longback and scaring the shit out of her, causing her to jump into the waters out of fear and leaving Peet in a riot of laughter.
While he and Darbi were walking elsewhere, they came across a pair of Longbacks doing a mating dance. Just then, they picked up the scent of Bangers nearby and were jumped by them. Though, before they were knocked out, the two managed to kill one.

When Peet and Darbi awoke, they found they were surrounded by a bunch of Bangers who told them they were gonna get into the pit below which were filled with "Da Drizz". Peet was thrown in the pit first, with Darbi being kicked in afterwards. With Darbi freaking out over the situation, it took Peet's words to bring him back to focus; at that, the two began tearing apart the Crawlies in the pit against all odds. Having overturned the situation, Dolla suddenly appeared and snapped the neck of the Banger she jumped on. With her arrival, she called out for the rest of their sisters with the Banger massacre proceeding immediately afterwards until only Todd remained. Todd tried to talk his way out of it, but Darbi threatened that he was dead before they all gave chase. When they caught up to Darbi, they found him covered in a Longback Bull's juices and burst into a fit of laughter as Darbi cursed his luck.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

On Darbi's call, the baby Savages tore down a path towards their target: some Shibbs attacking a Jeet Cow. Due to Shay's actions killing the Shibb Darbi had pinned down, he had to pass his message on to the Shibb that Peet had nailed. Shay, sitting in the guts of the downed Jeet, aggressively asserted to Darbi and Peet that this would be their new nest; the two brothers once again looked to Dolla to sort her out.
On their way back to Muh'Tree, after Meeka and Meena explained why they had lugged their "Loot" back with them, Peet told them it was why he and Darbi didn't play games. They all suddenly noticed Packmother getting attacked by Trykes, so Peet and his siblings teamed up to gank one of the Trykes.

Later on, Peet and Dolla found Darbi with Smalltoe. Darbi told his siblings to back off and they protested until a Ballah suddenly arrived and tried to kill them all. The three baby Savages quickly teamed up and ganked the Ballah, getting Smalltoe covered in blood in the process. While Darbi walked Smalltoe home, Peet and Dolla went back to Muh'Tree. When Packmother asked them where Darbi was, the two explained what happened earlier.

When the Trykes and Ballahs came to attack the Savages the next day, Peet helped in the fight, clawing a Ballah in the eye but getting his foot stuck in the Ballah's eye in the process. With the situation looking bleak and Peet downed and covered in blood, Dom and his Longbacks suddenly arrived and ended the skirmish.


Powers & Abilities

Peet is a powerful Savage, despite him not yet being fully grown.

Poison Resistance: As a result of his history of frequently getting toaded, Peet has developed a strong resistance to the lethal effects of natural poisons. Whereas poisons will usually slow down or incapacitate their victims, it merely made Peet trip slightly.

Sonic Rainboom: Peet is able to emit a powerful roar that is capable of shutting off the brain functions of target dinosaurs, knocking them out.

Notes & Trivia

  • Peet is a frequent customer of the Stookie sisters and is known for his toad licking habits.



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