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Nos'Ul, known better as the Destroyers, are a vicious and violent group of dinosaurs currently lead by Mezmehr.


Ul, the First Fury

According to the Savage lore, it all began in blood; a single idea, with the simplest most efficient shape. The idea expanded and transformed in appearance and complexity. Then, it began to see. However, all it saw was emptiness, a great nothing. Fixed. Undisturbed. Curious. But to understand the void, it needed to distinguish itself from it. So it determined a name for itself—for herself. "Ul"; their mother. Ul only felt one thing: hunger. She needed to know if there was something else inside the nothing... or beyond it.[1]

This desire drove Ul's search across the void until she saw the light, a strange new beacon of curiosity. It caused her pain the longer she stared at it, but it would provide answers. Ul believed it would end her hunger, but what she found made it worse. The Lands. Crude, imperfect, puerile.

A limited view resting atop unlimited potential. An opportunity for creation denied to her. The one responsible for it all: the Cow. How weak it was. The filth, it disgusted her. It stole answers from her. The Cow stirred up something new inside of Ul: Rage! Ul lashed out, wanting to tear the Cow apart but, in that moment, she realised the Cow's purpose in these new lands... it would satisfy her hunger. The Cow would be her food![1]

The Cow's blood, sweat and weakness mixed with the Lands and created a warrior to help it defeat Ul: the Bull. Together they fought against Ul and drove her into the forest, into hiding. Solitude once again and, a moment of clarity. Ul knew if she wanted to win the next battle and reshape the Lands more to her liking, she would need an army. She created two warriors of her own but, she would only keep one; they would have to fight for her approval. Only the strongest, fastest and most cunning would survive. Ul would have the most formidable army under her control:

  • To monitor everything above her, she called upon the Maheovata, the "Children of the Sky".
  • To patrol the Lands, she created her fiercest warriors, the Destroyers.
  • To keep the Waters clean of filth, she called upon the Dwellers.

Her army made its home in the lands befitting Ul's rage: Shail. Waiting for her to lead them through the last barrier—the Strangled Tree—and into the next great war.[1]


The current group of Destroyers, are touted by Mezmehr as being the descendants of the First Fury and the Children of Rage. Their goal is the "Cleansing": ridding the Lands of Nell and all who remember her, as well as resuming Ul's war from Savage lore. Mezmehr also has the Maheovata under his control.

All Destroyers have blue "poison" coursing through their veins, in their eyes and on their skin (this can be seen from the way their eyes glow blue); apparently this "poison" burns the land and corrupts everything it touches.[2]

Known Members

Ul DP.png
Sateen DP.png
Sunder DP.png

Notes & Trivia

  • Ul is known as the "First Savage" in Cow lore.[3]
  • Nell was a former Destroyer and once went by the name Nell-Nos'Ul.[4]


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