Nell was the packmother of the Savages who lived in All'Ar'Shit.


Nell was a large primarily pink Savage with unique eye ridges and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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She was a pretty bubbly and playful individual, especially when around her children, which belied her well-hidden destructive side. Nell was also extremely protective over her packchildren, prepared to slaughter anyone who would dare harm or endanger them.


She was raised by Mezmehr, as part of Nos'Ul, to become a powerful Destroyer and reincarnation of Ul. However, at some point, Nell turned on them and proceeded to viciously and forcefully take baby Savages from different mothers, slaughtering the mothers in the process, before escaping Shail to other lands.


Everything Hates You

She was first seen sleeping with the rest of her packchildren and gave a happy smile when Darbi came back to rest.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

Nell was seen fending herself against four Trykes by herself, with one of them stabbing her in the ass with its horn. After she took one of them down, her children raced in and ganked another, with the final two running off. Incredulous and joking about being stabbed in the ass, Nell wondered to her kids why the Trykes had attacked her.

The next day, while resting and watching over the girls, Tuck arrived and shamelessly flirted with her. While watching as Meeka and Meena dicked around, Tuck mentioned that she should let him teach and raise the kids while she prepared for what would be coming. However Nell told him it wouldn't be necessary but Tuck managed to convince her to let him stick around for a day.
Later on, Peet and Dolla came back with Nell noting the smell of Ballah blood on them. Asking where Darbi was, Peet and Dolla explained what had happened with Smalltoe and the Ballah trying to kill her.

After morning rose, Nell and Tuck laid in wait for the Trykes and Ballahs to arrive, launching into attack when they did. To her horror, her kids sprung into action with them. Though she soon helped, getting Shay to nest a Ballah she had flipped over. However, when the Longbacks suddenly turned up, Nell prepared for the worst and stood in front of her kids, roaring at Dom... until he excused himself and revealed the Ballahs' trickery.
After the skirmish had been cleared up, Dom said to Nell that it was a waste for all those dead Longbacks and Trykes dying over a tree, but Nell told him that it was all worth it for what it represented. Dom then gave his thanks for Darbi saving Smalltoe, and firmly told Nell that his herd would be taking Muh'Tree from the Savages, shocking her.

Powers & Abilities

Nell was noted to be an incredibly destructive and powerful Savage. According to Mezmehr, she was his greatest creation and fiercest warrior before she fled.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • She originally went by the name Nell-Nos'Ul while she was still a Destroyer.[1]



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