Myrin was a Savage who dwelled in The Lands and was acquainted with Tuck. After being rescued from captivity by some Savages from the Destroyers, Myrin joined their ranks.


Myrin was a young adult Savage with a completely sky blue body, even paler blue-coloured facial colouration, uniquely-shaped eye ridges and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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Myrin was a very meek and timid Savage, despite the physical advantages afforded to him by his species. He tended to follow the orders of others and avoided conflict when and where possible.


Straight Outta Hellcreek

After being found eating from the carcass of a dead Longback, Myrin was accused of killing it by Ballah Myke and some Longbacks. Myrin protested his innocence before proclaiming that it was simply how the lands worked. Myke derisively threatened Myrin, telling him that the Savages had forgotten their place. With his Ballahs surrounding and pinning Myrin down, Myke proceeded to brutally smash him in the gooch before leaving, only leaving him alive to serve as a warning to other Savages.

Powers & Abilities

Despite being a nearly adult Savage, Myrin is much less dangerous than he appears, even after joining the ranks of the Destroyers.

Notes & Trivia

  • After Myrin's gooch got rekt by Myke, he travelled with a pack of Ballahs against his will, having been successfully subjugated.



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