Myke was the leader of a herd of Ballahs and a largely antagonistic force in Darbi.


Myke was an experienced adult Ballah with a primarily midnight green-coloured body and head, the area around his sandy-coloured beak and snout a green colour and his forehead being flecked with green, two dark protrusions on either side of his head, orange eyes with large black pupils, countless sandy-coloured crag-like spikes covering his back and his big body ending in a long tail tipped with a huge intimidating sandy-coloured club.

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Myke was a decidedly very gruff and embittered individual, holding a deep contempt towards Savages and their supposed superiority (hinting at an underlying inferiority complex). Myke held the safety of his kind above all else and would do anything to sustain their welfare; to this end, he was increasingly callous and viciously cruel, willing to commit any number of abhorrent actions in order to gain an advantage, cripple his enemies or outright kill those who opposed him.


Straight Outta Hellcreek

After "finding" Myrin devouring a dead Longback, Myke and some Longbacks accused the Savage of killing it. Myrin protested his innocence before proclaiming that it was simply how the lands worked. Myke derisively threatened Myrin, telling him that the Savages had forgotten their place. With his Ballahs surrounding and pinning Myrin down, Myke proceeded to brutally smash him in the gooch before leaving, only leaving him alive to serve as a warning to other Savages.

Myke visited Phaylah and told her if they were going to attack the Savages it would be best to do it now. Phaylah told him to be patient as they would need the Trykes' help. He responded that that he was putting the safety of his kind at stake for someone who had no skin in the game, but Phaylah merely replied that she made the rules. As Myke watched her casually call for one Jeet male over another, he commented on her cold nature.

On the day, Myke travelled with his Ballah brethren and the Trykes as they went to attack the Savages and was shown striking Tuck. However, his plans were cut short when Dom arrived with his Longbacks and threatened him for killing his baby mama as well as almost killing Smalltoe. With their scheme shattered, Myke suddenly had Tuck slam Sheylynn down on his spiked back, killing her instantly. Seeing Phaylah distraught, he gravely told her that she now had skin in the game.

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Myke was a generally dangerous Ballah and was willing to use whatever means necessary to take down and kill his enemies.

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