Meeka is one of the main protagonists of Darbi and a part of Darbi's pack. She is the twin sister of Meena and Loot's adoptive mother.


Meeka is an adolescent Savage with a completely-green body, extremely pale green lips and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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Initially, Meeka was a bright-eyed and mischievous Savage and would constantly bounce off her twin Meena, with the two always doing things together. She had a deep connection with her late sister Meena and was affected the hardest at her death. As a result of loss, Meeka has become a very maternal individual.


Cretaceous Boogaloo

Alongside her sisters Meena and Shay, Meeka joined the Bangers slaughter party upon Dolla's call. With the baby Savage pack all present, they proceeded to slaughter as many Bangers as they could until only Todd remained. With him fleeing for his life, they gave chase until they saw Darbi get drenched in Longback fuck-juices. At that, they all burst out in laughter at his ordeal.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

On Darbi's call, the baby Savages tore down a path towards their target: some Shibbs attacking a Jeet Cow. While her siblings moved in to attack, she and Meena tried to stop Shay from making a terrible mistake but were too late, with their sister barrelling head-first into the Jeet's body, fatally injuring it and sending it hurtling towards Darbi. Before he could be crushed, Meeka quickly body checked him to safety.
As the baby Savages finally arrived back at Muh'Tree, Darbi chided her and Meena for slowing everyone down due to them carrying along the dead Jeet's egg. She and Meena then explained that it was their "Loot" as well as the things they could potentially do with it. As Darbi and Peet waved off their words, they suddenly noticed Packmother getting attacked by Trykes. Meeka and her siblings then helped kill one of the Trykes. As Packmother wondered why the Trykes had attacked her, Darbi glared at her and Meena while heatedly saying that they had nothing to do with it (while they quickly hid their "Loot" at the same time).

When the Trykes and Ballahs came to attack the Savages the next day, Meeka helped in the fight, until the timely arrival of Dom and his Longbacks.

Powers & Abilities

Meeka is a notably destructive Savage, despite her not yet being fully grown.

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