Mal is a recurring character in Darbi and one of Darbi's closest allies. After her first set of babies were killed by Prennum, she had three more babies one of whom she named after Darbi.


Mal is a large primarily green adult Poser with a purple underbelly, an orange-coloured beak and yellow eyes with black pupils. Mal styles her head plumage in a manner that makes her appear like an alpha male Poser, despite her given sex. After being attacked by a bunch of Posers after fishing, Mal has several claw scars on her underbelly.

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Mal is fiercely protective over her children and holds burning vehemence towards any who harm them.



Mal swooped down from the sky after spotting a Tryke doing its business. Smooshing her head in the stuff and then washing it out in the waters, Mal proceeded to style her head plumage in a manner reminiscent of an alpha male's head crest.

In a fishing area, Mal sky dived into the seas and expertly swept up a load of fish in her beak, avoiding the massive Crocs' jaws in the process. Putting down her share, she was accosted verbally for pretending to be an alpha even though she was female. Despite Mal's protests that she didn't mean anything by it, she was viciously assaulted by some of the Posers with her head plumage getting cruelly torn out. In retort, Mal attacked the leading Poser and broke his wing before dropping him into the sea to be eaten by a Croc. Returning to the perch, the remaining Posers humbly told her to take as much as she wanted as she had earned it.

Taking the fish in her beak, Mal flew back to her nest to feed her babies.

Powers & Abilities

Mal is a deceptively powerful Poser, capable of taking on and killing other Posers in battle. She is also capable of swimming, despite being a Poser, a skill she attributes to having once raised Crocs.[citation needed]

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