Dom was an alpha bull Longback and the leader of his herd of Longbacks. His daughter was Smalltoe.


Dom was a gargantuan sauropod with a primarily purple-coloured body with long chartreuse and burgundy-coloured lines, a tuft of goatee-like fur on his chin and a large chartreuse-coloured crest.

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Dom was a very imposing dinosaur with a strong air of leadership around him, putting the safety of his herd and family above all else. He talked to others equally and generally with their best interests at heart, as well as having a firm but fair nature around him.


Everything Hates You

Dom was first seen when he making circles with his cow, with Cass cheering him on. While he was getting busy, a Poser dropped on top of his head which he took offence to. With Cass telling him to "crush the guts!", Dom crushed the Poser underfoot.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

When Darbi brought Smalltoe home covered in blood and gore, Dom was seen in an aggressive state, wondering just what was going on.

The next day, having been informed of the truth by Smalltoe and Darbi, Dom brought his herd of Bulls to Muh'Tree to stop the fight between the Savages and the Trykes and Ballahs. When Dayzee asked him why he was helping the Savages, Dom loudly responded that the Trykes had been played by the Ballahs, and he came to shut shit down.
In the evening, Dom mused that all the bloodshed over a tree was a waste to Nell, but she told him that it was all worth it for what it represented. Dom then told her that in recompense for the lives the Longback and Tryke herds had lost, they'd be taking Muh'Tree, much to Nell's shock; however, as thanks to Darbi for bringing Smalltoe safely back to the herd, he told Nell that they'd have 3 days to leave.

Powers & Abilities

Befitting of his great size and status, Dom was a monstrously powerful Longback.



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