Dolla is one of the main protagonists of Darbi and formerly part of Darbi's pack. By Season 3, she has become part of the Destroyers.


Dolla is an adolescent Savage with a cream and black-coloured body and peach-coloured lips; unlike the rest of her siblings, Dolla's arms end in three claws instead of two. She initially had yellow eyes with black pupils, but they became orange with black slit-like pupils after the trauma of the Chickie invasion. Further, following her time in Shail under the tutelage of Mezmehr, Dolla's eyes now glow blue.

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Dolla is a strong individual and the one closest to Darbi in terms of influence out of their siblings. She is notably bloodthirsty and lets her fury blaze in times of extreme duress.


Cretaceous Boogaloo

Having caught their scent earlier, Dolla tracked Darbi and Peet to a pit surrounded by Bangers. Leaping over and instantly snapping the neck of a Banger and sliding into the pit on its body, Dolla rhetorically asked her brothers if they needed a hand before calling her sisters to join the fray. With the baby Savage pack all present, they proceeded to slaughter as many Bangers as they could until only Todd remained. With him fleeing for his life, they gave chase until they saw Darbi get drenched in Longback fuck-juices. At that, they all burst out in laughter at his ordeal.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

On Darbi's call, the baby Savages tore down a path towards their target: some Shibbs attacking a Jeet Cow. While Darbi and Peet took down their Shibbs, Dolla quickly slaughtered two Shibbs of her own. After Shay inadvertently fatalitied the Jeet and declared its guts to be their new nest, aggressively asserting it to Darbi and Peet, the two brothers once again looked to Dolla to sort her out.
She then travelled back to Muh'Tree with the rest of the pack where they saw Packmother getting attacked by Trykes. Dolla and her siblings then helped kill one of the Trykes.

Later on, Dolla and Peet found Darbi with Smalltoe, with Dolla joking that Smalltoe wouldn't die of thirst. Darbi told his siblings to back off and they protested until a Ballah suddenly arrived and tried to kill them all. The three baby Savages quickly teamed up and ganked the Ballah, getting Smalltoe covered in blood in the process. With Smalltoe commenting on how bad it tasted, Dolla started laughing saying she liked her. While Darbi walked Smalltoe home, Dolla and Peet went back to Muh'Tree. When Packmother asked them where Darbi was, the two explained what happened earlier.

When the Trykes and Ballahs came to attack the Savages the next day, Dolla helped in the fight, subduing a young Tryke who ran away in sheer terror after seeing her clawed arms and likening her to the First Savage. When Dom arrived with his Longbacks to end the skirmish, Dolla waved at Smalltoe when she greeted them.

Powers & Abilities

Dolla is a notably powerful and destructive Savage, despite her not yet being fully grown. Out of her siblings, her fighting capabilities are arguably matched only by Darbi's. After joining the Destroyers and being christened the reincarnation of Ul, Dolla was able to quickly overwhelm both Darbi and Peet when she met them in battle.[1]

Fury Mode: Like Darbi, Dolla gained access to a heightened ability mode after the Chickie invasion. When she uses it, her destructive capabilities increase exponentially in battle.

Notes & Trivia

  • There were several hints and foreshadowing towards her true heritage long before the reveal in Season 3.



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