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Darbiverse Terminology
Ballahs Ankylosaurus. They are 5.5 Russells long.[1]
Bangers Larger Dromaeosaurids. They are 3 Russells long.[1]
Chickies Velociraptors (and similar). They are 0.25 Russells long.[1]
Chloies Ornithomimus.
Cows & Bulls Cow is a term used to refer to the majority of non-Savage herds (in particular to the females). Bulls are their male counterparts.
Crocs Deinosuchus.
Da Drizz/Crawlies Arthropleuridea.
Jeets Pachycephalosaurus. They are 2.8 Russells long.[1]
Longbacks Sauropods. They are 16-20 Russells long.[1]
Maheovata Quetzalcoatlus. The name of Posers in a different land. They are known as the "Children of the Sky".[2]
Pomps Parasaurolophus. They are 6 Russells long.[1]
Posers Pterosaurs. They are 4-8 Russells long.[1]
Savages Tyrannosaurids. They are 8 Russells long.[1]
Scrubs[3] Some form of Eutriconodont. They are the smallest known kind, even smaller than Chickies. They appear to be quite intelligent, with a particular quartet of Scrubs controlling hordes of Chickies and another large group of Scrubs painting Darbi as a legendary figure in their culture.
Shibbs Oviraptors. They are 1.75 Russells long.[1]
Trykes Triceratops. They are 7 Russells long.[1]
Making Circles Mating.
Quack Talking, conversing.
Toaded Get high (typically from toad licking). The high greatly resembles a stereotypical acid trip.


The plot of Darbi is set 65 million years ago (more or less) in Montana (alluding to the Hell Creek Formation).[4] In Seasons 1 and 2, the story takes place in "The Lands", Darbi's homeland and the area where he grew up.

After the events of Season 2, Season 3 takes place well outside of the Lands in foreign territories. Notable areas include "The Grimm Lands" and "Shail", the latter of which is home to the Destroyers.


The history of how the Lands and dinos came to be have two separate and somewhat conflicting accounts: the story told by Cows and the story told by Savages.

Cow's Version

This version of dino history is told from the perspective of the Cows, with a sympathetic light held towards the Cows.[5]

Before everything, there was the Cow. She existed in a state of peace, tranquillity, perfection and solitude. There was a vast emptiness as far as her eyes could see. The Cow desired something new. She took her first step into the void, and created The Lands. And with her next step, the Lands took shape. She walked across the newly formed lands, creating things of beauty and wonder. The grass and the trees, the hills and the mountains, the night sky and the rising light itself... and she gazed upon all that she had created and felt sad because she had no-one with her to share in all the splendour. She was alone... and, she cried. Her tears mixed with The Lands and created The Waters.

Feeling thirsty, she leaned over for a drink. She cut herself on the sharp rocks at the edge of the Waters. Her blood mixed with the Waters, fouling her new drinking source. Polluting the streams of creation with anger and malice. From the Waters, the Savage was born! All the First Savage knew was rage. All she desired was blood. She attacked the Cow, wanting only to feast on her flesh. Wounded, the Cow bled into the Lands; her blood and sweat mixed with the Lands, strengthening them and providing them with resilience and tenacity. From the Lands, the Bull was born. Together, they stood strong against the Savage. Together, they pushed the First Savage back, forcing her to flee into the forests, where her progeny hide to this day, striking from the shadows.

The Bull stayed with the Cow, tending to her wounds. He helped her heal, provided comfort and loved her. He was her champion, her companion and a guardian of the Lands. And, she loved him. They bonded. From their union came the First Herds. From the First Herds came the laws to govern the Lands.

Cow's Laws of the Lands[5]
  1. No blood in the waters: Keep your drinking source clean and you will be healthier.
  2. Dull teeth inspires a sharper wit: You outmatch your Savage opponent's strength with your intelligence.
  3. A Savage has more to lost in the hunt: If someone falls in the hunt, the herd learns. The herd grows stronger, faster. If a Savage fails, they lose a meal. They get weaker, slower.
  4. Boldness gives strength to even the smallest of us: Your size does not determine your fortitude.

Savage's Version

Main article: Nos'Ul

This version of dino history is told from the perspective of the Savages, with a sympathetic light held towards the Savages.



Note: As mentioned in the webtoon, any differences are merely artistic license and don't actually appear in the fossil records.

There are a few ways to distinguish the male and female dinos and Posers in the Darbiverse:[1]

  • Female dinos have pronounced lips (moreso when they are younger) and have dull, muted colours. As they get older, females have eyebrow ridges and sharper claws.
  • Male dinos are bright and colourful. As they get older, males get thick eyebrow ridges and heavy plumage. Their plumage is important as it is what they use to attract the ladies; when they're teens their old plumage moults and is replaced by smaller thicker feathers.
  • There isn't much difference between male and female Posers, except the guys have a noticeably larger head fin. The male Posers get thick eyebrow ridges, heavy plumage and are brighter coloured while the females have narrower eyes and much more muted colours.
  • In Longbacks there are alpha Bulls (who are larger, more colourful and have head crests), beta Bulls (no head crest) and Cows (female Longbacks).


Much like their bird and reptile descendants, the dinosaurs of the Darbiverse have cloaca from which they piss, shit and nut from. In the webtoon, the males' cloaca pouch faces forwards and the females' cloaca pouch faces backwards (with the alignment helping perform the cloacal kiss).[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Dinos who are toaded up will naturally avoid being attacked by swarming Chickies, as the Chickies assumedly consider toaded bodies tainted.[6][7]
  • Crocs are unaffected by the intoxicating effects of toad juice.[8]
  • Some fans have theorised that the toad high comes from 5-MeO-DMT, a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants (and at least one species of extant toad).



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