The Darbi Wiki uses a pretty common article layout for character pages, episode pages etc.

Headings should have the first letter of every word capitalised, except for prepositions (i.e. "of" or "in"). These headings should appear in this order if they are needed in an article:


For characters, the following headings (and sub-headings) should be used in this order if needed:

  • {{Character}} with relevant fields filled in
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History†
  • Plot
  • Powers & Abilities
  • Notes & Trivia
  • References
  • Navigation
Example in source code
|name      = Darbi
|image     = Darbi.png
|aliases   = 
|status    = Alive
|group     = Savages
|species   = {{w|Tyrannosaurus rex}}
|gender    = Male
|age       = 
|relatives = [[Nell]] (adoptive mother)<br />[[Dolla]] (sister)<br />[[Meena]] (sister)<br />[[Meeka]]† (sister)<br />[[Peet]] (brother)<br />[[Shay]] (sister)<br />[[Loot]] (nephew)
|kills     = 
|debut     = [[Chapter 1]]
}}'''Darbi''' is the titular character and the main protagonist of the ''[[Darbi (webtoon)|Darbi]]'' series. Like the rest of his siblings, he is a Savage.

Darbi is a green and blue Tyrannosaurus rex.
Darbi is a brave and dominating individual, a natural leader and holds a fierce loyalty and protective streak for his family.

Darbi has been through adventure after adventure!

==Powers & Abilities==
Darbi is a destructively powerful dinosaur, able to maul opponents much larger than himself.

==Notes & Trivia==
*Darbi is revered by the rats.

The History section should be filled with information regarding the history of the character. If no history for the character is known, then the History heading does not need to be added.


Chapter pages are structured quite similarly.

Chapter Pages

For chapter pages, the the following headings should be used in this order:

  • {{Chapter}} with relevant fields completed
  • Synopsis
  • Appearing Characters
  • Navigation

The title of the episode is put in bold and then a moderately sized synopsis of the chapter is added afterwards. In the Appearing Characters section, the characters that appeared in the chapter are listed inside a {{Scroll Box}} in alphabetical order.

A Gallery heading can be added if pictures are available. Also a Notes & Trivia heading can be added to chapter pages if relevant.

Example in source code
|title          = Great Big Thing Crawling All Over Me
|image          = Ch3.png
|anchor         = 1
|season         = 1
|arc            = Blooded
|chapter        = 3
|season chapter = 3
|release        = July 12th, 2017
|prev           = 2
|next           = 4
}}'''Great Big Thing Crawling All Over Me''' is the third chapter of ''[[Darbi (webtoon)|Darbi]]'' and the third chapter of Season 1.

Stuff happens.
==Appearing Characters==
{{Scroll Box|content = 
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