Darbi is the titular character and main protagonist of Darbi. He is the alpha of his pack.


Darbi is an adolescent T-rex with a mainly cyan-coloured plumage and tail feathers, a white-coloured body feathers, green-coloured feathers around his jaws and white-coloured tufts on his eyebrow ridges. His eyes were initially yellow with black circular pupils, but after awakening due to immense tranquil fury after the death of his packmother, Darbi's eyes became a burnt orange colour with black slit-like pupils. His most distinguishing feature are the four slash scars on the right side of his mouth, that he received after becoming an operator in a long-dead pack, very early childhood.[1]

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Darbi is a dominant Savage, however, thanks to his upbringing, he doesn't view cows merely as food (which is highlighted well by his relationship with Smalltoe). Also, despite his heritage, Darbi is only violent when he needs to be.


When Darbi hatched from his egg, he was immediately swarmed by ants until a dino named Charmer picked him up and dunked him into the water to wash him off. With Darbi inquisitively sniffing around, Charmer picked him up and took him back to his nest where he managed to convince the others that Darbi would help them find their females. With Charmer looking to Darbi, he picked up the scent and went to work tracking![2]

Tracking the scent to the site of a Chickie nest, Charmer warmly thanked him for his efforts. Climbing on to Charmer's head ready to rescue, Top then threw Darbi into the Chickie nest. Landing roughly and drawing blood, Darbi tasted his own blood unlocking his latent Savage instinct. Seeing the Chickies cautiously approaching him, Darbi chomped on one and realised the ecstasy it brought him.[3] Darbi then proceeded to quickly slaughter the Chickies that approached him before stumbling upon Devi, one of their surviving females. Calling out, Charmer soon arrived and hauled Devi on to his back, thanking Darbi for his efforts. With Darbi's kills forming a rudimentary barricade allowing them some breathing room, they all escaped the Chickie nest with Top's sacrifice. As the fled, Darbi turned around and saw Top give him a final smile before being killed.[4]

With Devi dying anyway, Charmer and the others officially welcomed Darbi as a member of their pack, with each of them marking him on the side of his face. With Charmer giving him his final and longest mark, the dino proudly told Darbi that he was like a son to him before mentioning that they would always be with him. Just then, Darbi's packmother chomped Charmer and massacred the others, shocking Darbi immensely, before happily licking him in relief.[1]


Everything Hates You

We see Darbi in a day in his life. Hiding in a carcass from the Posers above in the Killing Fields, Darbi eventually attempted to escape. A Poser attempted to snatch him up, but he deftly avoided it before tearing its throat out. However, another Poser grabbed him and flew him away as he lost consciousness.

Coming to, the Poser told him he'd be her children's dinner. However, after being dropped in the Poser's nest, Darbi massacred the baby Posers before viciously attacking the Poser herself, eventually throwing the both of them off the cliff and on to a Longback below. As the severely injured Poser was crushed underfoot by the Longback, Darbi headed home.

Finally getting home late at night, Peet laughed at him for getting lost in the Killing Fields again before the two snuggled to sleep with their Packmother.

Cretaceous Boogaloo

While taking a drink from the waters edge, Darbi encountered a terrified baby Longback. After explaining that he wouldn't eat her because he only killed when he was hungry, he introduced himself and Smalltoe did likewise. Returning to drink, Darbi watched in exasperation as Peet came up behind her and scared the shit out of her, causing her to jump into the waters out of fear.
Noticing that the Longbacks were further down than they usually were, the two walked away and came across a pair of Longbacks doing a mating dance. Just then, they picked up the scent of Bangers nearby and were jumped by them. Though, before they were knocked out, the two managed to kill one.

When Darbi and Peet awoke, they found they were surrounded by a bunch of Bangers who told them they were gonna get into the pit below which were filled with "Da Drizz". Realising Da Drizz were Crawlies, Darbi began freaking out as it reminded him of his ant trauma he had when he hatched. Todd then appeared and threatened him with his fate before having him kicked into the pit. Freaking out over the situation, Peet's words bring him back to focus and the two begins tearing apart the Crawlies in the pit against all odds. While doing so, he pulled one of the female Bangers into the pit for pissing on him. Glaring at Todd from inside the pit, having overturned the situation, Dolla suddenly appeared and snapped the neck of the Banger she jumped on. With her arrival, she called out for the rest of their sisters with the Banger massacre proceeding immediately afterwards until only Todd remained. Todd tried to talk his way out of it, but Darbi threatened that he was dead before giving chase. Darbi chased him underneath two hurriedly leaving Longbacks who had been making circles, and was covered in the Longback Bull's juices in the process. With his siblings catching up, they burst into a fit of laughter as Darbi cursed his luck.

Straight Outta Hellcreek

On his call, the baby Savages tore down a path towards their target: some Shibbs attacking a Jeet Cow. Just as Darbi took down a Shibb, he was suddenly left in the lurch when Shay's actions caused the Jeet's body fly towards him. Fortunately, Meeka saved him from an untimely death but, since the Jeet's crashing body killed the Shibb Darbi had pinned down, he had to pass his message on to the Shibb that Peet had nailed. Shay, sitting in the guts of the downed Jeet, aggressively asserted to Darbi and Peet that this would be their new nest; the two brothers once again looked to Dolla to sort her out.
As the baby Savages finally arrived back at Muh'Tree, Darbi chided Meeka and Meena for slowing everyone down due to them carrying along the dead Jeet's egg. The twins then explained that it was their "Loot" as well as the things they could potentially do with it, with Darbi giving them an incredulous look. As he and Peet waved off their words, they suddenly noticed Packmother getting attacked by Trykes, so he and his siblings teamed up to gank one of the Trykes.

Later on, a terrified and delirious Smalltoe suddenly ran into a confused Darbi before crying out not to be killed. He merely gave her a calming embrace and, after she asked why he was being so nice, Darbi told her that he'd been through what she was going through. Just then Peet and Dolla arrived and got ready to kill Smalltoe until Darbi warned them off, as there was a reason the Ballahs were after her. At that, a Ballah suddenly appeared and tried to kill them all, but the three baby Savages tore it a new one with a large volume of blood completely splashing Smalltoe in the process. With the problem dealt with, Darbi then walked Smalltoe back to her Longback herd where they were aggressively met by Dom and Cass.

As the skirmish between the Savages and the Trykes and Ballahs was raging on, Darbi arrived on the back of a Longback calling out to Packmother mentioning that he'd made some new friends. After the events were over, in the evening, Packmother told him to get some rest for the what tomorrow would bring.


With Meena showing Darbi that Peet had passed out in his own puke and shit, Darbi irritatedly told her to clean him up since she was the one to introduce him to the Stookie sisters.

With Peet somewhat refreshed, he explained why he would get toaded to Darbi and Meena as well as the stuff he'd seen in his last vision. With Meena getting annoyed that Dolla appeared in it over her, she finally asked what colours they'd all been, with Darbi humorously snapping at her for it.

The Consuming Light


He and Todd began their vicious deathmatch, brutally tearing, clawing and biting at each other. With rain starting to pour and Todd slowly gaining an advantage, with the two eventually rested on either side of a fallen log. With Darbi half-jokingly mentioning that now was the time for Todd to make a monologue about them being the same, Todd bluntly replied that he was just gonna tear him apart. At that, the two launched themselves at each other in their final exchange with Darbi coming out victorious, culminating in him mercilessly tearing Todd's body apart.

Powers & Abilities

Darbi is a notably powerful Savage, despite him not yet being fully grown.

Acute Sense of Smell: Darbi's sense of smell has been incredibly acute from the moment he was born. Only moments after he hatched, he was able to track down the females of an unknown species of dinos, even when they themselves were unable.[2]

Focus Mode: After the Chickie invasion, Darbi gained access to a heightened ability mode. While in this state, Darbi becomes even more capable and destructive in battle. Big Red likens this state to what the Destroyers do but at a higher level.[citation needed]

Notes & Trivia

  • He is implied to be Nell's only biological child.



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