Charmer was an operator of his pack and the first dino that Darbi ever encountered.


Charmer was a Banger-like dino with a mainly brown-coloured body with white head plumage, a white snout, yellow eyes with black pupils and white arms. His most distinctive feature was the three clawed scar on the right side of his mouth, signifying his status in his pack.

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He was a notably courageous dino, willing to take great risks and do almost anything in order to protect his own (a trait that can be seen in Darbi). He also greatly appreciated Darbi helping them to track down their females, despite the major risks that were involved for both parties.



While trying to track their females, Charmer came across a freshly hatched Darbi who was being engulfed by ants. Picking him up and washing him off in the waters, Charmer told the newborn that he wasn't his mother. Noticing baby Darbi sniffing around inquisitively, Charmer told him he had a job for him before picking him up and taking him back to his nest.

Back at the nest, he told the rest of his pack that baby Darbi would be able to track their females for them. Top protested greatly, but Charmer managed to convince him that they had no other choice. At that, picking up the females' scent, Darbi went in pursuit with the pack following behind.

Arriving at a nest of Chickies, Charmer warmly thanked baby Darbi for helping them find the location of their females, adding that he didn't need to fight their fight. Just then, Top picked Darbi up and threw him into the Chickie nest, eliciting a furious response from Charmer. However, Top affirmed that baby Darbi would awaken his Savage instincts and fuck shit up.
Entering into a safer side, Charmer went night mode and led them in. Unfortunately, a Chickie encountered them and called out before Charmer could crush it; with Top telling Charmer to go and check, Charmer saw a horde of Chickies approaching. While fighting off the horde, Charmer heard lil Darbi calling out and followed it until he found Darbi with Devi. Thanking Darbi immensely, he dragged Devi back to the rest of the pack, who were jubilant upon seeing them. Top then told them to escape, telling them that he'd sacrifice himself so that they could save their species. At that, Charmer and the rest of the pack hauled ass out of the Chickie nest.
However, despite successfully escaping, Devi ended up succumbing to her injuries and dying after telling Charmer he would be a great packleader.

With the sombre events behind them, Charmer proclaimed that even though the Lands had forsaken them, they would go out fighting. He then marked all the other operators before officially welcoming baby Darbi into the pack, with each of them giving Darbi a mark. As Charmer gave lil Darbi his mark, he affirmed that Darbi was like a son to him and told him that they would always be a part of him. Suddenly, Charmer is chomped and killed by Darbi's packmother.

Powers & Abilities

Charmer activating his night vision

Charmer's night vision

Charmer was a likely a dangerous dino when provoked and was skilled enough to make it out alive while deep in a Chickie nest.

Night Vision: Charmer was able to dilate his pupils in order to see much better in the dark.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • As noted by Breeze, Charmer and the rest of his pack are not Bangers. They look similar to Bangers, but they can't reproduce with them.[2]


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