IRL (II) is the hundred-and-twenty-fourth chapter of Darbi.


As Darby begins having extremely vivid and realistic hallucinations about two dinosaurs talking about an impending threat. Royally freaking the fuck out, Darby tears his skin off, revealing dinosaur Darbi underneath, who proceeds to violently maul Darby's body in front of everyone before wilin' out... suddenly reality snaps back to focus and Darby is standing visibly shaken up and teary-eyed while the students around him (Pete included) recorded his mental breakdown on their phones. Just then, Samantha arrives and helps to calm Darby down. Realising Pete was recording Darby's breakdown too, Sam gets angry at him but he just plays it off. The three of them then head off to Principal Deake's office.
Meanwhile, Dolla gets messages on her phone from the mysterious person who reassures her about her value whenever Darby spazzes out before mentioning they'd come pick her up after school, which puts a smile on her face...

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