Cleansing (XII) is the hundred-and-twenty-second chapter of Darbi.


Smalltoe ushers her endgame plan into action, calling in the birds to start swarming and her Longback herd to start charging. As Kharma sees the birds swarming, Tuck arrives to finally take down his former madam; however their fight is interrupted by the birds. The Longbacks arrive and begin viciously calling for the invading Savages' heads! However, Smalltoe reveals herself and tells them all that was not what they were here for. A completely shocked Kharma gapes at the sight of her, remarking that Sunder had told her Smalltoe had died. Smalltoe mockingly replies that Sunder was full of shit, rhetorically asking what other shit Sunder had told Kharma.

As a Longback calls out to kill Kharma, Shay arrives with Sooze exclaiming that no-one will die, no-one will be eaten and that all the Destroyers in the Lands were gone, with only family remaining. Kharma rebukes Shay's words, saying they'd better kill her while they had the chance. However, Shay calmly replies that shaming her was much better an option. As a confused Tuck asks Shay what was going on, Shay replies that it was a deterrent. Explaining that she stills loves them both, she wanted to have something with them that she could never have with her mother: a second chance to start over clean.

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