Cleansing (XI) is the hundred-and-twenty-first chapter of Darbi.


Flashing back to the time Darbi had planned to help Mal take on the Poser threat, Darbi argued with Shay about her participation in getting Mal's nest back, telling her he already had Peet and Dolla with him. Shay pleaded her case, but Darbi replied that they'd be dropping from the air and he wasn't even sure it was going to work. Shay retorted that Dolla was afraid of heights even though he was taking her, but Darbi said that he needed her to help out with Meeka. Shay called out his bullshit excuse, proclaiming that despite being the strongest of the pack she was being left behind, adding that Darbi had been a prick to her since they'd gone after Todd. Darbi cried out that it was because she stopped listening to him, explaining that he had confidence in Peet and Dolla because they followed his orders; he finally ordered her to stay on the ground and handle the trash that washed up. Stunned, Shay reminded Darbi that she almost killed Smalltoe on his orders... as Darbi turned away, he told her that he didn't trust Shay to fight a war with him, leaving her visibly shocked and upset.

In the present, while musing on the memory, Sunder walks up behind Shay and tells her that Kharma never stopped looking for her and would be disappointed seeing her grieving over the loss of a Cow. Shay greets Sunder and belittles him before adding that Smalltoe was indeed still alive; she then asked him when Kharma would realise he was fucking her over. Sunder replies that Kharma had hoped she would turn after learning the truth, but he affirms that it was never so simple. He then explains Kharma's idealistic beliefs and how it made her weak, noting that they had no place in the world that Mezmehr was building, finishing that Kharma would soon be dead alongside Shay and her abductor.
Shay casually denounces him as Sunder suddenly sniffs and sees a swarm of birds flying overhead. Shay tells him they weren't for him, before revealing that she had something special for him... as a herd of Trykes suddenly came charging in, Shay explained that since Sunder's mission was to erase anyone with memories of Nell Nos'Ul she brought them right to him. With the Trykes surrounding Sunder, Shay told him that they'll never erase her mother's name; at that, the Trykes rushed and killed the Destroyer.

Walking away from the execution, Shay vehemently says allowed in regards to Darbi that she could fight her own wars. With Sooze walking with her, the Tryke excitedly mentions it was always fun hanging around the Savages. Shay affirms that she was just getting started and, when Sooze asks what she had planned next, Shay says that she was going to meet up with Smalltoe and Tuck so she could fuck up her auntie.

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