Cleansing (X) is the hundred-and-twentieth chapter of Darbi.


Tuck recalls coming across Smalltoe and Shay after he had beheaded Myrin. In the present, Tuck waits hidden watching Kharma and her family at Muh'Tree, with other dinos telling him to wait and trust in Smalltoe's plan. Tuck voices his frustrations, commenting that while he trusted in the girls, he had no idea what Smalltoe's plan was.
Meanwhile, at Muh'Tree, Bremmer voices his concerns over their recent endeavours and how it had only served to whittle down their family. Kharma, paying little attention due to sniffing the area, suddenly exclaims in excitement that she could smell Tuck! With her joyous tears and emotions suddenly changing into frustrated ire, Kharma realises that Muh'Tree was where Nell Nos'Ul died; lifting her leg and pissing on Nell's grave in "tribute", Kharma calls out for Tuck to show himself, noting that it was almost over for him and Shay, adding that though Nell's name would die out, Tuck's memory would live on in her heart and dreams.

Smalltoe chirps the command, eliciting the birds to start squawking and swarming above Muh'Tree. The dinos with Tuck tell him it was time, with Tuck watching the scene impressed.

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