Cleansing (IX) is the hundred-and-nineteenth chapter of Darbi.


We flashback to the scene of Shay finally discovering that Smalltoe was alive and recovering. In the present, Fran slowly comes to the realisation that Shay and Smalltoe had been preparing a trap for Shay's Destroyer cousins, a trap that she and her sister had almost ruined. As Fran then realises that Nikki is in a bad way, Shay tells her to go back to the Crocs where it is safe before adding that she and Smalltoe were off to fuck up Kharma. As Fran worriedly exclaims that they should be letting everyone know they were in the middle of a Destroyer shitstorm, Smalltoe assures her that it was all under control. Meanwhile, at Bull's Bloom, a birdie arrives at a herd of Trykes and lands in front of Sooze, ready to deliver a message.

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