Cleansing (VII) is the hundred-and-seventeenth chapter of Darbi.


We are given a brief flash-recap of Smalltoe defending herself against the Destroyers and Shay coming across her severed tail.

In the present, Fran tells Nikki her new plan: a grooming service for the Crocs! Nikki is completely exasperated by the idea but Fran explains her idea and the benefits they would provide. Nikki calls the entire idea a load of bullshit as it would put them at risk and bleed their supply dry. Going on to explain their relationship and how it was based around trade, she waves off Fran's idea for being way too risky. Fran rebuts that getting everyone toaded was a short game with their single supply, Monsta, only having a single season of babies left in her. Nikki rebuffs the her words, telling her that to survive they had to give everyone what they wanted. Fran takes the positive route and and says they should do better than just surviving and says it was worth the risk. Fran eventually brings Nikki round to the idea, much to Fran's delight.
Suddenly, Nikki sniffs something and Fran quickly picks up on it too. With Nikki heading off in search of the familiar yet dead scent the Chloies come across Smalltoe collapsed on the edge of the Waters. Shocked by Smalltoe's condition, the Longback mumbles about "Destroyers" confusing Fran. Out of nowhere, two blue Destroyers come rushing towards them...

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