Cleansing (VI) is the hundred-and-sixteenth chapter of Darbi.


It is the aftermath of Dolla's first wave of Destroyers, with the Savages of Darbi's group laying injured on the battlefield. We see Peet's sonic rainboom knocking a teary-eyed Dolla out of the Strangled Tree and into the waters below...

As a crying Peet confirms that Dolla was gone, Darbi drops the bombshell: Dolla was holding back the entire time. With Peet confused, Darbi explains that despite Dolla being one of the most efficient fighters in the Lands, her display in the battle had been uncharacteristically sloppy. Darbi finishes that he believed Dolla's intention was to prove she could kill him rather than actually doing it—though he adds that she may have ended up killing him anyway. An absolutely distraught Peet tells Darbi to stay with them as he couldn't lose two siblings like this. Darbi accepts his dying situation and tells the crying Peet to lead their family in his stead, while Peet told him it was gonna be okay. With Darbi joking around, he suddenly hears a deep rumbling sound coming...

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