Cleansing (V) is the hundred-and-fifteenth chapter of Darbi. The chapter is currently only available via Fast Pass.


Dolla deals Darbi a savage slash across his body and then chomps into him, but the wounded older brother returns the favour, cleaving into his sister's body. Rousing quickly, Peet gets up with a shot on high alert. With his eyes glowing, he sniffs out his siblings and heads for them.
With Darbi and Dolla both down, wounded and bleeding badly, Dolla calls her brother out for not telling her about their true heritage. Darbi merely responds that he never got the chance to tell her because she'd already been taken. Dolla asks him if he was told why they were abducted and Darbi tells her that Packmother did it to protect them from the Destroyers, but Dolla interjects him and exclaims that they were raised as weapons to kill Mezmehr and end his bloodline! As Mal's kids come running in worry, Darbi waves them back as Dolla continues on that as the last female, Mezmehr's bloodline would continue through her. Peet comes running, while Darbi questions whether Dolla did all of this over ego. Resting her clawed foot on his chest with tears in her eyes, Dolla explains it was about clearing a path and making room for something greater; it was about stepping out of his shadow. Just then, Dolla sniffs and Peet appears beside her. With a saddened look, Peet unleashes the rainboom...

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