Cleansing (IV) is the hundred-and-fourteenth chapter of Darbi.


Dolla chomps on Loot's neck, eliciting a furious and horrified response from Meeka. Spurred by rage and maternal instinct, Meeka races over and bites into Dolla's leg and throws her away (while Darbi checked over Loot). Roused by Meeka's killing intent, the two sisters attack each other but Dolla outmanoeuvres Meeka and violently throws her into Jermayne, knocking them both out. Darbi is glad Loot is okay while the latter comments that his sister is a psychotic fucking bitch.

Finally fully steeling himself for what he had to do, Darbi calls out Dolla before going Focus Mode to match her Fury Mode. At that, the two begin trading attacks at high speed with Mal's kids following them in flight. Breaking apart for a moment, Dolla recalls the lore about Ul's strongest warrior, before rapidly shaking her tail in front of Darbi. Stunning Darbi with the display, Dolla takes advantage and claws deeply into Darbi's chest...

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