Cleansing (III) is the hundred-and-thirteenth chapter of Darbi.


As a Destroyer chuckles at the destruction he derisively floors Big Red before being torn apart by Mal's kids. Meanwhile, Shay allows Jermayne to get revenge on the Destroyer that killed his sister.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Darbi and Peet try to reason with Dolla once more but it falls on deaf ears. As she prepares to attack again, Darbi's poison kicks in, altering her perceptions, but she attacks viciously anyway flooring Darbi. He manages to kick her away and Peet tearfully gets ready to rainboom her, but Dolla manages to knock him down with a 3-hit combo. Loot, having seen the scuffle, recklessly charges at Dolla but she effortlessly sidesteps him and bites into his back...

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