Dolla 3 is the hundred-and-tenth chapter of Darbi.


Before she arrived at the Strangled Tree, Mezmehr gave some final charismatic words to Dolla before she set off with her Destroyers behind her.

At the Strangled Tree, as the others see the dread and terror of Dolla's arrival, Peet tearfully greets her but it falls on deaf ears as Dolla tells him it would have been easier if they'd died in the fire. With Peet noting she sounded different (and Darbi reaffirming that it was because she was different), Dolla questions why Darbi really came. Darbi tries to explain that they came for her because she is family, but she furiously rebukes him. Behind them, Loot brings Shay's attention to the very quickly incoming number of locals charging towards them were. As Darbi defeatedly tells his brother that he tried, Peet gives words of reassurance as Dolla charges vehemently towards them...

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