Destroyers (XIII) is the hundred-and-ninth chapter of Darbi.


A downed Myrin tells Tuck what he knew regarding Shay and Smalltoe. Hearing what he needed to, Tuck then tore his head off and left. Elsewhere, while Darbi is getting his claws and feathers coated in poison ready for war near the Strangled Tree, Smalltoe tries her hardest to get to her feet following the Destroyers' attack against her herd.

With his preparation finished, Darbi goes to look for Peet and ends up interrupting Peet trying to make circles with Staycee. With Darbi incredulous at the situation, Staycee heads off with the mood killed. As Darbi and Peet have a small argument over the latter trying to get his beak wet, Big Red comes through to tell them that the locals had regrouped and were heading their way, with Meeka adding that if they were planning on heading into the Dying Lands, now would be the time. As Darbi muses to Peet that they could take the locals if they put their powers together, Dolla suddenly appears shouting Darbi's name. Shocked, Darbi notes that Dolla's scent had disappeared... this wasn't their sister anymore, but a nightmare.

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