Destroyers (XII) is the hundred-and-eighth chapter of Darbi.


Mal brings herself ashore to a relieved Jess asking if she was alright. Mal frustratedly responds that she wasn't alright as Sateen had come down and annihilated her army. As Mal curses her luck, she asks how many were still left with Jess replying that there weren't enough to start a war. Mal defiantly states that she only needed enough to start a fight because she was, "gonna drop this blue-eyed bitch".

Elsewhere, reflecting on how Smalltoe managed to kill a Destroyer, Myrin notes that he couldn't be a Destroyer and that he had to make it right. Just then, he is attacked by a clubbed tail and floored. Believing it to be Myke, he is shocked when Tuck appears wielding Myke's severed tail and asking him where his girls were!
Meanwhile, Shay desperately searches for Smalltoe. Coming across Smalltoe's severed tail and despairing, the voices in her head come back and tell her that now that her scum auntie had taken the last good thing in her life, she knew what she had to do: NEST!

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